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I'm excited to offer a low-cost course for people who struggle with panic attacks. 


This brief yet effective program teaches you how to reduce the frequency and severity of your panic attacks. Click for more information: 

Breaking the Panic Cycle: Expert Strategies for Preventing Attacks 

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One aspect of being a psychologist that I greatly appreciate is educating mental health professionals and trainees about the treatment of anxiety and other psychological issues. Throughout the course of my career I have supervised dozens of psychology trainees and provided consultation services to numerous mental health professionals.


I partner with SimplePractice Learning to offer continuing online education programs for mental health professionals. Click to learn more about my current offerings: 


Consultation Services


I offer consultation to other mental health professionals. I have had more than 15 years of experience with supervising psychologists and social workers during their training. I have also served as a leader of several consultation groups and greatly enjoy this element of practice. Please reach out if you would like to arrange for a consultation.

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